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School Rules

Lincoln Fundamental School provides the best possible learning environment for your child(ren). In order for learning to take place, there must be a safe, supportive environment where the students know the school rules and show respect for one another.

Teachers will inform students of school rules during the first week of school with periodic reminders during the school year. Parents are expected to review these rules with their child(ren).


  • Show respect for all adults under all circumstances. The adult is the final authority.

  • Respect the worth and well being of fellow students by using the individual's name and not using put-down language.

  • Settle disagreements without fighting or threatening to fight.

  • Do not chase, hit, wrestle or grab other students.

  • Line up for classes in straight lines. Classes or groups walking about school will do so quietly and will remain in line.

  • Do not bring electronic games, toys or playground equipment to school. Items brought to school for sharing must be pre-approved by the classroom teacher. School is not responsible for personal items brought to school.

  • If cell phones are to be brought to school, they must be turned off at all times and kept in a backpack. Phones will be confiscated if taken out during school hours.

  • Be on time to school and to class.

  • Walk on sidewalks and blacktop areas; stay off of the grass.

  • Talk quietly and be orderly when at school.

  • Hold playground equipment when walking on sidewalks and in lunch areas.

  • Use only courteous language. Never use profanity or swear words.

  • Do not throw rocks or any unsafe objects on the school grounds at any time.

  • Respect others' possessions and do not take items belonging to others.

  • Help preserve school property by not writing on books, furniture, or buildings.

  • Obey all classroom, playground, and lunch rules. Keep your area clean by picking up after yourself. Specific rules for each area are established and will be explained to students.

  • Leave school immediately after dismissal and go straight home.

  • Take restroom and drink breaks at the scheduled recess time.

Teachers require and expect students to understand and apply these rules while on campus.

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