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IB Application Process

Incoming TK-6th Grade Students

The waitlist application for the 2024-2025 school year is now open and will close on January 30, 2024. Click here to be added to the 2024-2025 Wait List: Wait List Form
Interested current kindergarten – 5th grade students who do not currently attend Lincoln Fundamental need to submit a waitlist application for the upcoming school yearOnce a spot becomes available, we will notify the parents/guardians of the student of the acceptance and the next stepsAvailability will be based on current Lincoln Fundamental students unenrolling from our school. 

**If you were on the waitlist for the 2023-2024 school year, you will need to reapply for the 2024-2025 school year**

Incoming TK and Kindergarten Students 


Dear Parents/Guardians, 


Lincoln Fundamental is currently in candidacy to become an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IB PYP) school, completing a TK-12th grade IB Pathway in CNUSD, the only one in all of Riverside County!  We are excited to provide you with valuable information about this enriching educational opportunity for your child. 


The IB PYP is a globally recognized program that emphasizes inquiry-based learning, intercultural understanding, and the development of lifelong skills. Here at Lincoln Fundamental Elementary School, we have integrated this program into our curriculum to create a holistic educational experience that fosters academic excellence and personal growth. 


Key highlights of the IB PYP at Lincoln Fundamental Elementary School: 


1. Inquiry-Based Learning: Your child will be encouraged to ask questions, explore, and investigate, promoting critical thinking and a love for learning. 


2. Global Perspective: Through international-mindedness, students gain a broader understanding of the world, its cultures, and global issues. 


3. Transdisciplinary Curriculum: Subjects are connected, promoting a well-rounded education that helps students make meaningful connections between various areas of knowledge. 


4. Development of Essential Skills: The IB PYP focuses on skills such as communication, research, collaboration, and problem-solving, ensuring your child is well-prepared for future challenges. 


5. Character Development: Values like empathy, respect, and integrity are woven into the program, nurturing well-rounded and socially responsible individuals. 


6. Assessment for Learning: Continuous assessment helps us tailor instruction to each child's needs, ensuring they reach their fullest potential. 


7. Commitment to Excellence: Our dedicated educators are passionate about delivering a high-quality IB PYP experience. 


For more information about IB PYP at Lincoln, we invite you to view This Informational Video to gain a better understanding of what an IB PYP education looks like.

Online Application: 

    • The online applications for incoming TK and Kindergarten students are now open.  
    • The online application will close on Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 11:59pm.
    • Siblings of current students MUST still submit names to the Online Application to guarantee a spot for the 24-25 school year.  
    • Students are not admitted on a first come, first serve basis, so complete the application anytime within the application window.


TK Online Application:

Kindergarten Online Application:


Each year, we will admit approximately 24 TK students and 100 kindergarten students to the IB PYP program based on space and staffing.  Since we typically have more applications than space available, a lottery process will be used to determine who will attend Lincoln Fundamental. 


The following priorities have been established for enrollment via a lottery system (these priorities do not pertain to late/waitlist applicants): 

    • The first priority for enrollment shall be given to siblings of children already in attendance at Lincoln Fundamental. “Sibling” is defined as brother(s) or sister(s) (living in the same household) of a student already in attendance at Lincoln Fundamental, who will be in attendance for the school year for which the transfer is requested.   
    • The second priority for enrollment shall be given to students who reside within the boundaries of CNUSD.  No pupil who currently resides in the attendance area of CNUSD shall be displaced by pupils transferring from outside the CNUSD attendance area (Inter-District Transfers) 
    • The third priority for enrollment shall be given to students who reside outside of CNUSD boundaries.   


Each TK and Kindergarten student applying to Lincoln Fundamental for the 2024-2025 school year will be issued a lottery number on December 15, 2023 via electronic mail (e-mail)It is important that parents provide us a current and valid email address when completing the online applicationThis email address will receive the lottery numberPlease save the email with your lottery number for future reference.   


The lottery to select the students will be held on January 19, 2024 at 8:30am in the Lincoln Fundamental MPR.  Lottery numbers will be randomly drawn based on the priorities listed above until the available spaces are filledRemaining students will be placed on a waitlist in the order their number is drawn.  Lottery results will be posted on this webpage shortly after the conclusion of the lottery.   


TK and Kindergarten students accepted to Lincoln Fundamental through the lottery will be provided next steps information on January 22, 2024 to ensure they are ready for their IB PYP experience.  

We believe that the IB PYP at Lincoln Elementary School offers a unique and enriching educational journey for your child. We look forward to welcoming your family into our school community.  

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